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Complaints Policy

At TeachHQ, we are dedicated to fostering a transparent and responsive environment where all concerns are heard and addressed diligently. Our complaints policy stands as a testament to our commitment to fairness, impartiality, and continuous improvement.

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background

At Teach HQ, we firmly believe in maintaining a platform grounded in respect, understanding, and transparency. Our complaints policy is born out of a commitment to uphold these values, allowing us to address any grievances effectively while adhering to our mission of nurturing educational brilliance and fostering a community of trust and collaboration.

1.2 Objective

This policy articulates our dedication to addressing complaints diligently and constructively. It is formulated to facilitate a structured, fair, and impartial resolution process, consequently maintaining the integrity and harmony of the Teach HQ community.

2. Scope

2.1 Applicability

This policy applies to all users, stakeholders, and team members associated with Teach HQ. It encompasses a range of issues, including, but not limited to, content discrepancies, user conduct, and service grievances.

2.2 Coverage

The policy covers complaints arising from any facet of our platform – be it the functionality of Teach HQ, the conduct of our team or community members, or the educational content we offer.

3. Principles

3.1 Impartiality

We are committed to impartiality, ensuring that every complaint is assessed on its merit, with fairness and objectivity steering the resolution process.

3.2 Confidentiality

We maintain a high level of confidentiality throughout the complaint resolution process, only sharing information with parties directly involved in the resolution process and respecting privacy rights in line with UK laws and international standards.

4. Procedure

4.1 How to Complain

Users can lodge complaints through our designated online portal, providing detailed information on their grievances for a structured review.

4.2 Response Time

We are committed to acknowledging receipt of your complaint within five working days, with a complete response within 20 working days outlining the steps taken to address the issue.

5. Resolution

5.1 Investigation

Each complaint will undergo a meticulous investigation process steered by a dedicated team that scrutinises all relevant facets to arrive at a fair conclusion.

5.2 Outcome

Upon conclusion of the investigation, the complainant will be informed of the outcome and any remedial actions taken. We also welcome feedback on the resolution process to refine our approach continuously.

6. Appeals

6.1 Appeal Process

If unsatisfied with the outcome, complainants can appeal within ten working days of receiving the resolution. This initiates a review by a senior member uninvolved in the initial process.

6.2 Final Decision

Post-appeal, the final decision will be communicated clearly and transparently, offering a detailed explanation and outlining any further actions to be undertaken.

7. Reporting

7.1 Documentation

All complaints and resolutions are meticulously documented to foster transparency and facilitate potential policy improvements.

7.2 Review

We undertake periodic reviews of the documented complaints to extrapolate insights for enhancing the user experience on our platform.

8. Training

8.1 Staff Training

Our team undergoes regular training to handle complaints adeptly, abiding by the principles outlined in this policy.

8.2 Awareness

We make concerted efforts to raise awareness about this policy amongst our users, instilling a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

9. Conclusion

9.1 Commitment

We reiterate our unwavering commitment to providing a safe, respectful, and enriching environment at Teach HQ, showcasing our readiness to address grievances responsibly.

9.2 Review

We pledge to continuously review and align this policy with industry best practices, upholding our standards of excellence and fairness.

10. Contact

10.1 Enquiries

For any further queries regarding this policy, please get in touch with us at complaints@teachhq.com, where we aim to support you promptly and efficiently.

10.2 Feedback

We value your feedback on this policy, encouraging a collaborative dialogue that facilitates continuous improvement and nurtures a community of understanding and mutual respect.

This comprehensive policy reflects our dedication to maintaining a harmonious platform, and we appreciate your cooperation in upholding the spirit of respect and understanding. Feel free to reach out with any queries or feedback as we work together to foster a nurturing educational environment.

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